Anonymous: I've also met Selena and she is taller then 5'5 I can promise that

Check our my last post!! I’ve meet selena too but i think she’s 5”5 , she has heel on so she looked taller but she didn’t look that tall maybe 5”6 at most

Anonymous: I've met cara she is 5'9 I can confirm that.

I know but cara has even said she’s shorter than 5”9 and I know people who’ve met her who are 5”8 and she’s shorter like maybe she’s that tall though I don’t believe it xo

Anonymous: I think ill agree that cara is 5'7 because when u see that papz photos of her and selena its like theyre just the same height. I mean selena is 5'5 so closely enough to caras height

Yes def I don’t think she’s like super tall

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Anonymous: Caras 5'7 ? But her agency tells that shes 5'9???

I know but the agency is crap and lies for media

Anonymous: Cara is actually 5'9

Noo it’s a lie the model agency puts I know people who have met her and they are 5”7/5”8 and she’s the same height and looking at pics of her next to jourdan or taylor a who’s 5”10 she’s wayyyy shorter and just other pics it’s obvious I mean look at w selena if she’s like 5”5 she’s only a couple inches taller

Anonymous: Is she with Selena as a partner?

Nooo I def think just friends nothing confirmed